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USPS Price Increases

Posted On 10/24/2019 By McGowan Drewry
As of June 23, 2019 the Post Office introduced dimensional weight for any box that exceeds 1 cubic foot, or 1728 cubic inches. After speaking with customers we can assume that one should expect to pay double what they did in the past to ship any of our old single shippers and as much as triple to ship any of our Large Swan or Omni boxes.

Our 'Vented' product line has been developed in order to avoid the USPS surcharge while efficiently using the space given within a single cubic foot. Instead of making a 12x12x12 box, for our new 'Vented' Single, we've traded four inches on the width in order to add 6 inches on the length and still remain under one cubic foot!
Horizon has managed to deliver the most value per inch compared to the competition.

Cut down Instructions
Click here for instructions on how to cut down our Single Shippers to meet new USPS dimensional weight

USPS Dimensional Weight
  1. Tony Chavarria says:
    Comment ID: 8

    Hi Mac, thanks for the update and the relevant postal requirements. Have saved my customers quite a bit on shipping by resizing my older style boxes. Takes just a few minutes of my time but has been worth it. Enjoying the new site and updates!

    • horizonboxes@gmail.com says:
      Comment ID: 9

      Hey Tony, thanks for the positive feedback! We're doing everything we can to spread awareness on this topic.

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